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Oh, and FWIW. I decided to use this run to test my fuel economy. Chinaman's is just far enough to hit you on fuel. We figured it was a small group simply due to the fact that fuel would cost anyone $60-70 to do this run. Ouch.

Going out to Buena Vista, I decided to try some of the hypermiler driving techniques. Slow acceleration, keep my foot out of the throttle body, keep the speed at the speed limit (lots of benefits there ). Anticipate red lights and don't burn fuel coming to them. Coast every chance you get, and in some cases accelerate slightly, then coast slightly, then repeat. That last one will wear a boy out, so I didn't do much of that.

The results? Going to Chinamans, I got 18mpg. That is the best I've ever gotten, especially impressive considering the climbs. Going back, I tried keeping the sides rolled up (open vehicle, figured that would hurt my mileage, the crosswinds in South Park were, um, 'fun'). I ran 35psi instead of my normal 30psi. I got over 19mpg. I am used to 16mpg.

This is on a vehicle with the aerodynamics of a brick sitting on 35s. Wow.

My driving has changed. Except where driving like that would irritate all the jackrabbit red light to red light drivers.
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