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Great run as usual. Plenty of rocks to test you skills on and get beat up on. We had a nice small group of 5 rigs, including a nice FJ on 33's. I'm too tired from the weekend to write a lengthy trip report, but Chili filled us all in nicely. Nice to see all the pictures posted up by others. Bill actually had a camera on this trip - way to go. My camcorder gave out due to a battery issue. I do have a few pictures I will post up later this week.

Everyone got through the trail pretty well. John in his short bed taco got through as best he could after his retro fit e-locker gave out. He did manage to break his front tow point and some front body parts. Nothing major though. Brian did pretty darn well with his limited wheeling experience in his FJ. He is learning quickly and will soon be tacking these trails with confidence in his sweet ride. I did see his traction control become useless several times as he was stopped in an obstacle. I thought I remember the traction control working a little better than that with the FJ Team. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there still has to be vehicle movement for in to kick in. Nay was flexing out real well on new lines, but couldn't quite conquer the left line on the double slab. He got up the first part nicely but then went belly up as we have seen so many 80's do on that obstacle.

I was able to get through all the obstacles and desired lines cleanly this time. But, found some of the same old rocks to get the diff hung up on again. I ground around on the same rock again and almost lost my diff plug (not the first time). Thank goodness I was able to screw that cross threaded son of a gun back in. This is definitely something I have to address now since the protection ring is ground down so far. I should have taken Chili up on his invitation to fix it for me last time. Something is not right with my 4 link rear suspension but I haven't been able to find anything broken yet. More to come on that.
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