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I have flat towed all over the country with no issues. Flat towing is my least favorite way to tow a vehicle. Tow dolly's are an option and tow better than flat towing but most of them are brakeless too! If you rent a tow dolly they will not recommend it as your tires are too tall. Again, I have dollied all over the country towing 35" tired FJ-62 with no problem. Trailers are the best way to tow but your combined weight of rig and trailer really dictates the use of a heavy duty tow vehicle.

If I didn't have any options that I do and I wanted to get my 40 out there I would flat tow it behind my 80 but thats just me and I'm silly. Thinking about it I probably would drive the 40, bikini top and all! Then again maybe I would have done it when I was younger.
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior
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