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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
I haven't posted up because I feel a face to face is a waste of time. Everything we can get accomplished at a bar we could better accomplish by written documentation on the forum. The problem seems to be a few folks ask questions that have already been answered because either they don't search or too much chat in non chat commentary. What I feel we really need is a dry run/overnighter but our time is getting pretty thin before we go.

I am not available at all this weekend! As 13 grad parties to go to and putting on a huge one on Monday pretty much has committed my time.
I have a tendency to just ask away; not paying attention.

I think you had a good start in the list of people going and who had a fridge and a toilet. The only other thing was tents and sleeping arrangements. And a question I know I had that I'm not sure has been addressed is meal planning. Would it make sense to coordinate supplies in the various fridges/coolers? And dry goods? Will it save us money in the long run, or should we all just do our own thing? We talked about fuel, briefly.
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