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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
The things to work out as I see it are spares and possibly tools. 4 different 80's don't need to carry spare axles. We decide how many spare axles/birfs for the group and drive shafts, etc.

Where me meet and leave from on Monday am, where we are staying Monday night. I think we already picked the town.

Cooking stuff, don't need 10 grills. If a few people have grills I can figure something else to bring

Food - the thought on Engels is if we need one as a freezer. For as long as we are gone, not sure we need a freezer except for ice for our drinks. If we don't need a freezer than we can do more of our own and then mayb chip in on Brats or steaks or something and split that up. I know they bring Ice in once your at Rubicon springs, for a fee.

Other supplies - Toilets. Someone mentioned sharing. Rachel made it very clear that we are not sharing.

Tents are not something we need to do in a big group, if someone has room, post up

what else?

I personally think it would be more efficient to work this stuff out here and then meet for beers on the 30th to well . . drink beer

These are jhust my thoughts here

Exactly! You mirror my thoughts exactly! Thats why I asked for a private Rubithon window for attendees way early in the game. I am much better organized visually than I am when I'm BS'ing with friends in a bar/resteraunt!
Right now with the hectic high school graduation party memorial weekend approaching quickly I really don't have any spare time until June!
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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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