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There are a couple of reasons why I would a prefer face to face. The first I guess is a little selfish in that I would like to get to know you all better prior to the trip. The second is that ideas can be exchanged much more quickly verbally than written. Having said that I agree with UB that I much rather have the actual data written down so that it's not misconstrued or forgotten.

I think that I can borrow a truck and trailer from a friend to tow my 40. My wife and three daughters will ride along with me to California but are not going on the trail with me I will thus have an open shotgun seat if anyone is in need of one. Our rig does not have a shower nor a fridge. I have a coleman ice chest and a three man backpacking tent that I can bring or an eight man castle if more room is needed for someone else to have a place to stay. I have a two burner coleman propane stove that I can bring if necessary. I also can bring elk steaks, elk burger and elk sausage if that would help with the food.
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