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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Dave, it looks like you are bringing a spare truck!! LOL

You can't ever be over prepared though. Good list!

Only thing I'd add to it is brake lines (the kind from napa in the precut lengths with the flanges and bolts already on them), and a few feet of fuel line and hose clamps. You can fix a lot of stuff with fuel line and hose clamps.
I'm assuming I will be one of a few or maybe even the only IFS truck there, so can't count on being a parts borrowing weasel. Plus we are taking the long road home and will be solo coming home, so there's that part of it. I'm honestly thinking of preparing a spares box that I'll stash in someone's trailer rather than carrying it all, though. It really looks more impressive listed that it really is when you stack it all up. Well, other than having two CV axles (usually I carry one or maybe even just a boot kit).

Yeah, I didn't mention the brake lines. I do carry my old stock rubber brake lines (I have those extended stainless numbers on there). But that's stuff I typically carry anyway, the basic stuff (like spring center pins, hose clamps, duct tape, etc.).
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