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Default Got shelter?

Well use this thread to figure out tent/bedding hotel or ???? needs. I'll make a list as things get posted up. I have many different tents form small to full size Outfitters tent (not bringing so don't ask!). We need to decide if we are each bringing a tent or just a couple big ones or ?????

1.Timm B.
2.Matt F / Jeff z - ??, Robb's, private tent for two, ??
3.Tim N./Kevin K./ Bruce L.
4.Dan R. +1 - ??,Robb's, private tent, ??
5.Kevin / Treeroot ??(maybe TentCot), TentCot, Uncle Treesharkley Condominium, ???
6.Tom R. +1 - hotels, tent for 2 + wet dogs, hotel(s)
7. Mike W.+1 ??, Robb's, tent 4-2, ??
8. Chris / Quiggles - ??, Robb's, Uncle Treesharkley Condominium, ??
9. Ken R. + Rachel hotel?, Robb's, Romovilla, hotel?
10. Dave & Kirsten - Wildernest! & ???
11. Loren +family
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