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Originally Posted by timmbuck2 View Post
I am fairly sure with some help, a couple of "sick days", and working my ass of I will have my 55 ready to go. BUT is it a good idea? I would *love* to go to Rubithon with a big group of RS people, and the trip sounds awesome. Would be really nice to go, especially in my first year as TLCA EVP. BUT...I would think the chances of a breakdown would be relatively high, since the truck would be newly "built" and I do NOT want us delayed because I broke down in BFE. Is it worth the risk?

If everything falls into place, you might be able to pull it off. But we all know these cruiser projects almost always take 3 or 4 times longer than planned. You run in to a road block and then you're stuck.

Hitch a ride with someone () and join the group and have a good time. By all means, work on the pig. You'll be able to take it out once it's ready.
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