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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Not sure how many of you follow the Rubithon thread on MUD but Now on top of everything I need to finish some final tweaks on my latest RC Crawler as General Sherman is putting together an RC Rock Crawl on Saturday somewhere near Rubicon Springs. My crawler has the latest greatest stuff while I've been into RC for a long time this is my first attempt at an electric Comp Crawler. Fun little beast for sure. On it I need too....

Finish trimming and detailing the body
rework the driveshafts so they don't twist out
fine tune/program the ESC and get some test rock time
wrap the antenna and secure it under the body
abuse it and discover weak links and stock my RC tool box with spare parts
Make a miniture Rising Sun sticker to represent the club
Yea saw that on Mud, just out of curiosity what would one have to spend to play with those. I'm talkin bargain basement you know something to start playing with now and build as you go? Is something like this a good start?
Are there scales to avoid,brands? Total newbie here but it looks like a blast
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