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I've been working with Eddie on this for awhile now. Got the net installed and I was pretty happy with it at Moab. I'm working with Eddie to determine if it is a viable solution for the 80 series "as is" or if it needs some tweaking.

What I've found is that for it to really work 100% you'll need to install some footman loops which I am not really wanting to do. I was comfortable though during CM08 with how tight it was how I installed it. I'll throw up some pictures below including a modified version that Eddie sent back to me showing how he thought it should be installed/look. Turns out we "think" I had the top & bottom flipped . It fits a little tighter now and if I could attach the bottom center to something it would be real taut. Construction quality wise the net seems to be top notch.

On another note, I'm thinking for folks that have drawers OR don't mind installing a set of footman loops on either side that the 1/2 net (IIRC also for the Discovery) would work real well and be all you need. The 2nd row seats of the 80 are pretty high so you don't really need all that much net. The fact that the 1/2 net is less expensive doesn't hurt either. I've been trying to get Eddie to send me on to try out and report back on

Do me a favor though. If you DO contact Eddie (Offroad Concepts), let him know you are with Rising Sun and that you are seeing this stuff. I'm not sure he'll give you a discount or anything but I've been telling him I would share this information with all of the RS members etc. so it would be good for him to know we are sort of serious about the nets . I think how the MUD thread/experience turned out kind of turned him off a tad.

Anyway, sorry for not posting up sooner but I was trying to finalize things a bit more. But, I should have been quicker to share this information knowing that some of you may be interested in getting something for the Rubithon .


Picture 1: How I had it installed
Picture 2: Showing how it might look with a couple footman loops to secure the sides of the net (have them temp looped through the 3rd row window latches for the picture)
Picture 3: Showing how I have the top attached - Note I purchased 4 additional sections of tie dows and used one on each side to secure the top of the net to the 2nd row grab handles. Didn't use the other 2 sections (yet)
Picture 4: Just a view of the side
Picture 5: The modded picture Eddie sent back to me - this indicated I had the net installed upside down. I thought the net was the same top to bottom. I reversed the net yesterday and it does indeed seem to fit better but due to the crappy lighting I didn't snap any pictures.

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