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That's part of the trouble I'm having, and why I keep putting it off. I've read a ton of stuff on the seats (mostly on MUD), where everything from minivan seats to Dodge Raider seats to an assortment of Jeep seats will fit. But not much on the pros and cons of each, comfort, seat belts, mounting, etc. There's a difference between shoe-horning something into the tub versus making a nice, clean and comfy install.

Matt - Any idea how tall your seat back is? I could use it for comparison when I get serious about shopping.

Jeff - I'd prefer 3 pt belts, and I know for sure my wife would, but realize that complicates things due to the lack of mounting locations. I hope to get the chance to see more setups this summer - I only saw a couple in Moab, and nothing I was keen on. Price seems all over the place, and that one that Martin linked too is pretty pricey (but the integrated seat belts are nice).
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