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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
thanks for the pics, that is pretty nice. It looks like the one I want is the D-90 net though, not the Disco one. I really only need a couple feet, just whatever is above the 2nd rows.
That is my thought (and I believe that is the net Eddie mentioned as a possibility) for anyone running drawers in the rear or that doesn't mind adding some footman loops to the side walls in order to attach the lower portion of the net (I'm guessing here on the install).

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Any interest in getting yours Rubithon tested? j/k.. these are cool, but dang even the cheapest one is $100.. I shouldn't have waited so long.
Definitely, although I was figuring Matt would be using it in his 80 . I haven't talked to him about it though so maybe he already has something to use - either way I'd like to have it on the run to see how it does so I can provide feedback to Eddie. I have one of those metal dog barriers you're welcome to borrow for the trip, just not sure how that would work with your drawers .

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
edit: what does that middle set of straps hook to? the ones in the slider.. is that just a bracket that wedges in somehow?
There are actually 4 attachment points on each side...The loops at the top and bottom and then another set just below the top loops and just above the bottom loops. Technically the preferred installation method would be to install 4 footman loops on each side, at strategically placed locations, for the straps on the net to attach to.

Personally, I don't really want to drill into my body to attach the footman loops to the truck, so I'm trying to make the net work without doing so. I have now attached both upper sets of straps to the 3rd row grab bar (in the second picture above I have 2nd top strap temporarily strapped to the 3rd window catch plate just to show what it would look like with that strap pulled tight out to the side). I then used a couple of the additional straps I bought to attach the top loop to the 2nd row grab bar as well (one per side). This allowed me to "center" the net between the two and have it hanging just behind the 2nd row seats.

For the bottom hoops, I only attached one of them on each side to the cargo tie down points. I wasn't planning on the net having to hold anything heavy back as the heavy stuff was independently strapped to the floor for CM08. I really wanted the net more to keep lighter items like sleeping bags, duffle bag with clothes, pillows, etc. from coming forward.

Now that I have flipped the net (top became bottom and the bottom became the top) like it should have been it seems the net appears to fit better and more like what Eddie drew up on that picture. I have the 2nd loops from the bottom attached to the hinges on the outside of the second row seats and the bottom loop attached to the cargo tie down points. Much tighter now.

For the full net setup I'm thinking that it might work if a person were to fab up some brackets that could attach to the grab handle bar bolts that would allow you to slip the strap through. Make up a couple more that could attach to the 2nd row shoulder belt attachment point for the 2nd set of straps. Maybe install 1 set of footman loops on the wheel wells for the 2nd from the bottom strap. The bottom strap would still attach to the cargo tie down points.

For the 1/2 net the setup would be the same at the top but the bottom would need to probably have some footman loops on the side walls of the rig. The question being how low would those loops have to be to make the net tight because I can forsee problems if the loops need to be installed down where the interior trim becomes the bulky plastic....
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