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Default FJ40 Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders

In researching replacement cylinders for my drum brakes, I have learned that CCOT has different part numbers through the years. Marks Offroad has cylinders that fit my build date (142-01B) and their rarity commands a premium.

The build date on my fj40 (December 1970) puts me in a grey area from the CCOT information - it does not look like they have the cylinders I would need. Add to this the fact that I know my rear axle is from an FJ55 (it has the triangle mounts for a stabalizer bar) and I don't know if my front axle is original and I am unsure how to best determine what is the right replacement cylinders for my truck.

I'm (actually the BoomBoom) is going to get back in there today/this evening to double check the brake hose is not the source of the leak. Presuming the leak is not coming from the hose, I have a few questions for your collective consideration...

What should I look for the determine the correct part number for replacement cylinder?

It seems the axel production date is important - do you know where I would find this date?

Do any of you know from first hand experience what the differences are in the cylinders?

Would it be possible to go right to the CCOT parts for years 9/71 - 7/80?
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