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Good news and bad news to report here...

Good news, truck ran well in Moab and I found only some minor things that need to be adjusted or changed.

Next good/GREAT news wait for it ..........Sharon drove all of Poison and Kane creek herself. We took the hardest lines we could find and she walked up them like a pro. Sure gave her some confidence in the truck and herself. We did not run Golden Spike (I believe if PSM) due to a time restraint.

Bad news,

I got a shot for my back on Thursday with mixed results. Started of great but soon went to heck, major pain returned. I took enough pain meds to knock out a small country with little relief. We came home Monday and discussed our options, so far they don't look good. I go in for a shot today at 4:00 pm and will wait for the results of it.

I have a appointment with a neurosurgeon on June 6th, that will tell me if the trip is on or ??? We both want to go and Sharon knows what this means to me but I am not stupid either............well??

If we do go I may be limited to my physical participation, moving rocks etc. would be a no no Helping others winch and or keep from tumbling would also be crossed of the list. I do not want to be THAT driver that never helped when needed but always needed help.

So............June 6th is the cut off date for me to decide one way or another. I will post ASAP with our decision as to what we are going to do. It hurts more to mae this decision than my back does right now.
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