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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
I want to try a pot roast with taters, carrots, etc.... As juicy and perfectly done that Prime Rib was I would bet other things would work just as well! That was the first thing besides deserts that I ever dutch ovened. I'm sure the old hats/scout masters here that read this posts are totally at me but who cares....old dog has learned a new trick!
We've done a few things, chicken-n-rice, a salmon dish, stew and chili. Just about anything can be done in a dutch oven that can be done with a real oven or Crock pot at home. The main problem we have is getting the times right when converting from a regular recipe (although fairly close on Crock pot recipes to the high temp cook time). I think cooking up a couple of good sized pot roasts with onions, carrots, etc. would be a much more reasonable meal.
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