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Often charcoal fires are OK, depends on the restrictions. The fire bans always cut out open fires, but the first level of restriction often still allows enclosed fires. I have a pan that I cook in and that seems to make the rangers happy to call it the same as a charcoal grill.

Neat old 414. It's got a square manifold, so it's probably from the 1970s some time. I have a 426B (my 3-burner) and it's got the square manifold, which is from the late 1960s. My really old 425B has a square manifold and that's from about 1958, but it's the earlier pale green. I don't know much about the dual fuel stoves, so I'd guess that is an early 1980s stove? It looks like the 425 2-burner I got in about 1992 or so. I mean, we know it's not much old than the 1970s, I mean who would care or know about unleaded fuel back in the 1950s and 1960s? ;-)

BTW, Coleman still sells parts for most of their old stoves. At least the common stoves (for example the 425, 426, 413, 414, 442) built in the last 50 year or so can be refurbished with most of the original parts. I've been told that if you send your old stove to Coleman, as long as the tank isn't rusted, it will come back looking good as new.
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