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Default Revised list 6-2-08

Check out your name and update on your intentions. The time is here to quit chatting and start getting organized! Use the chat thread for Rubithon chat and what-if's but lets keep the new thread clean and factual!

Registration is closed!
Bold print is confirmed information

1.Mike Moore - 40 w big fridge, RTT, shower, toilet
2.Matt F / Jeff z - 80 w/potte' (registration confirmation)
3.Tim N./Kevin K./** Bruce L. - 80 OBA, fridge (registration confirmation)
4.Dan R. +1 - 80 OBA, fridge, shower, toilet (registration confirmation)
5.Kevin/Treeroot - 80 w/fridge, shower, toilet (Registration confirmation!)
6. Mike W.+1 - FZJ80, fridge (registration confirmation!)
7. Chris H./ Quigs - 40 w/fridge?, toilet (registration confirmation) Towing out
8. Ken R. + Rachel - 80 fridge, loaded , toilet(registration confirmation!)
9. Dave & Kirsten - mini (registration confirmation)
10. Loren +family- FJ-40 w/toilet(registration confirmation)
11. Greg L. + Leatherface - Rnnr , "They 'll be just fine!"
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior

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