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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Maybe we just don't do a formal group breakfast and do it typical group camping style. If ya don't like what someones cooking or if they don't have enough then either sniff out someone else's or starting cooking up your own. Often breakfast quantities are bountiful. I think I'll bring my 20 cup perk coffee pot and small burner so if your in need come grab a cup and if you are a French Press kinda guy I'm sure someone can accommodate... Now a tough question.....regular roast or dark roast? Treeroot might have some tricks up his sleeve too...we'll have to be on the look out.
I will have my press with me and have decent coffee.

FWIW, I'm still bringing the 3-burner stove and griddle, so I can basically make endless pancakes or support burritos for about half a dozen people no problem. Let me know if you want to group up for a breakfast or two and I will be sure to bring enough. I usually do chorizo, Egg Beaters, cheese and salsa for the burritos. We'll have probably a ton of pancake mix along, which we can use up on the return leg if it doesn't get used at Rubithon.
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