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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
I will also say that when I ordered in replacements from NAPA (after dealer informed me that they are officially unobtanium), they DID NOT FIT. I had to take them back, which is when I got the CCOT units. NAPA's parts book said they would fit, but when I tried to install them I found the hydraulic fittings all wrong.
Jeff, you hit the nail on the head. I dropped by to pick up the new cylinders and the hydraulic fitting was too small. The counter guy did some research on the 1970 model year and it also will be too small. I called Stevenson and they can get the cylinders for my build from KS - but they are about the same price as it would be to get them from Marks Off Road. At $300 to replace the front four cylinders it is getting to be a significant enough dollars that I may look for the front knuckles from a late 40/60/55 and make the switch to discs up front.

Having just gone through the front axle service, I think I'm up for the rebuild including the trunnion bearings this time.
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