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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
I installed mine on Friday. Drove to Durango and back this weekend. I have not topped off the tank yet from the return drive, but I did not see any improved fuel economy after the first two tanks. I remain at 17.4 MPG for HWY driving and actually a little higher goofing off around town?

I'll let you know what the 3rd tank shows.

1. How long does it take the ECU to adjust to a new MAF sensor?
2. Could those of you who have seen an increase in economy have benefited just as much from cleaning your existing MAF sensor?

Over all I "think" the truck runs a little smoother at and just off idle, but as Chris pointed out it could just be a $300 "power of suggestion"
Couple of questions for ye....

Have you removed and plugged your fuel pressure regulator and did you pull the EFI fuse or disconnected the battery for at least 5 minutes after installation so the ECU can relearn?
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