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I have the MT/R's and I have had the trxus in the past (wear real quickly, but talk Uncle ben about his side wall experence). I will be trying the Toyo's next toward the end of summer when I get the last out of the set of MT/R I have. Or I may try the Cooper Discovery SST's. These have a 3 ply side wall as well and the thrid ply is at a 30 degree angle to the rest, almost like a mix between bias and radial. It may improve side wall tears some what. While the Mt/r have been great, I have gottne 3 side wall punctures in one summer(that was a costly summer). My trxus set wore teriably and I was a slave to keeping them balanced and rotated. I finally got rid of them(justin morgan has them now I beleive), I did not like them for the loss of fuel ecomany and wear, and the extra work involved in them.
So I will either get the Toyo or the Cooper in the late summer( after I save my money, I will also be looking to go to 37's in either tire), the Mt/R in a 35 is small and I am tire of it. later robbie
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