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Yes I have Truxus M/T's and it is a love/hate relationship. Mileage of an off road tire is a trade off. High traction in all enviornments and long life simply are not descriptions of the same tire (any tire!). When I first purchased my set it wasn't because of word of mouth but rather research. I wanted to run 315 BFG A/T's for longer life and quieter road manors and planned on 315 MT/R's for aggresive off highway use. The MTR's in 315/75R-16 were backordered and no solid delivery date was available. I asked many questions on alternatives and read what people who actually had them said. I went with a set based on the acquired knowledge with the though that if I hated them or when they wore out I would replace them with MT/R's. Well I still run them and to be honest I like them better than MT'R's by quite a margin! They do have faster wear than say an AT but they seem to have about the same usable (my interpretation of usable is when a tire no longer has the performance I expect then it's no longer usable, I also will not run a bald tire {bald IMO is when the wear bars have become part of the tread pattern} so when I consider a tire worn out others may still see it good for another 10k) life as MT/R's. I guess I'll break it down to pro's and con's to explain my experiance with them....

Very quiet on highway!!!

tough sidewalls (for a radial)

true size

in stock and available at any 4WPW store.

Excellant traction on most surfaces (took a while to lean how much air to let out on icy snow....sidewalls are thick!)

excellant road hazzard warranty!

Stable to 80mph!

Need constant rotation/balance to keep wear uniform (I rotate/balance every 3500 miles when I change oil)

can be weight hungry ( I have one that has quite a bit of lead on the wheel)

20 to 25k max "usefull" life (probably will last at least to 30-35k)

Narrow profile (not really a con but not a pro either)

aggresive tread pushes a lot of air MPG is lower

4WPW couldn't balance a tire on a lawn mower!

ice traction is terrible unless air pressure is dropped to 10#'s or lower then
the ice traction is fantastic!

Not speed rated ( become egg shaped over 90mph!)

cant find a AT that is a true 35" tall for second set of tires

I'll add to the list as I think of more stuff.

Bottom line....I didn't expect much when I bought them now I don't see much that can compare in the high traction mall cruiser tire department that won't sound like a kazillion bumble bees rumbling down the road!
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