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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
I'll go for the restaraunt.

I talked to Debbie, I think Chris is taking Tom's cabin and somehow was trying to get me to swap

No dice

Party at Hatfields cabin
Can't blame us for trying to steal your cabin, can you?

I'll hold off on emailing Debbie until tomorrow to give everyone a chance to respond but it looks like the restaurant may be a yes as of now...

EDIT: Here is the email I just got from Debbie
Hi Jeff!

Just wanted to confirm your changes in your reservation with us. You had previously booked a bunkhouse for 4, but have now taken over Tom Rompies Cavco Park Model with the loft. This is for one night only, Tuesday, June 17, 2008. You will be arriving mid-afternoon or later. The cost of the Cavco is $160.00 plus tax, with your grand total being $172.40

We are expecting a group of you coming in that day, and although we are usually closed, would be very happy to serve you all food, and keep the bar open!! Please don't feel that you would be an imposition, it would be our pleasure!! Since you're all headed out for a few days on the Rubicon, you may like a good served meal and a couple of drinks before you head out! If you could possibly get a head count on how many are coming, we could maybe figure out something special to you for you guys!! Scott, who is our manager at Robbs, is a culinary chef, and I'm sure be happy to cook for you all!

So, let me know, and I'll see what I can arrange!!

Thanks again Jeff!!

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