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Ok, given Jeff's research I'm now starting to lean towards route B, the 40 route, what do you guys think? The logic presented is...

route A (I-80) is 75 minutes shorter than route B (hwy 40), per google. (ok, per Corsair, on Google)

route A now includes a 51.5 minute delay (10 miles @ 10mph, instead of 10 miles @ 70mph)

so route A is now only 23.5 minutes faster, all other things being equal.

Guess it comes down to how much faster you drive than google drives, but 23 minutes is starting to sound like a wash and I too also kind of hate I-80, with all the wind, trucks, and boring scenery it provides. Plus I can peek at how much snow is still up near Bill Moore, Jones Pass, etc.

challenge my math: is it more than a 23 minute difference?
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