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I had a "lopey" idle for about a week after I installed mine. My best guess was that it took 6 or so starts & runs to update the LTFT (and whatever other adjustments the ECU "remembers"). It's been rock-steady since.

You should have simply removed the vacuum line to the FPR, NOT plugged it.

I have tracked virtually every tank of gas since I bought my rig. Comparing the 6mo before the MAF and the 6mo after:
Best Tank - 15.2:15.5
Average - 11.0:12.9
Median - 12.9:13.4

I tend to experiment in different areas over time (both before and after), but no major changes that would explain the MPG improvements (other than the MAF).

In looking a the actual data since the MAF installation (12.5, 11.8, 14.6, 14.1, 13.5, 13.9, 13.4, 7.0, 13.7, 13.0, 12.8, 11.2, 15.5, 13.5, 12.5), it looks like the first two tanks had a little lower mileage. Could have been me playing with WOT air flows, though, rather than something intrinsic.

Do you notice difference when you're driving down the freeway?
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