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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Eddie, just a question for you, have you done any testing with the grab handles to see what kind of forces they can withstand?
Do you mean the grab handles we manufacturer or the factory Toyota ones on the 80 series?
Ours have been tested to 500#'s each.
As far as the OEM ones, we do not have this data, although I am sure that it could be located in some archive. We do use an 800# rated buckle along with 1,000# rated webbing. With the design of the netting, an impact from an unsprung load would obviously be dispersed amoung all mounting straps. (yes, please read the legal disclaimer on the website concerning loads and safety if one intends to purchase any item such as this) \ I'd have to dissect a handle to see if it does have a steel band insert to get an idea of it's strength. My best educated guess is that the weakest pount would be the 800# METAL buckle that we use or possible the OEM bolt and attaching structure. (Just to illustrate, that we do not use any plastic hardware)
Likely if a loose bowling ball is left in back during a front end collision, it most likely would be fatal, Raingler net or no net.

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