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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
The brake assembly looks nearly indentical to a 60.
That is correct - it looks very similar to the one I had on the back of my 1997 HZJ75. It is NOT from an FJ45: those are not the 3" FJ45 shoes. Also, though not shown, the FJ45 drums have ribs around the outside.

70 series axles are 20mm wider than 40 series. Not sure what others do when mounting 70 series axles onto a 40 series, but cutting off the spring perches and rewelding inward would seem a likely possibility. If it's off a 40 then bolt it on. One cool thing about this setup is you'll have the option of going to a split case (maybe behind an H55F if you choose) because you won't need the t-case mounted parking brake.

No special tools required for servicing, however the later versions have the same adjusting nut and seal setup as 93-97 FZJ80s and use the same parts. Brake parts are same-same as a 60 or 62. The earlier version uses a different adjusting nut which is hex and same as front - 54mm. Also, the seal goes in the nut itself. Having worked on both, I like the earlier setup better.
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