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Got most of the rest of my stuff done this weekend. Hacked in power for the back and bolted down the Engel Slide Lock. Still need to do a couple of small things on the truck, oil change, grease driveshafts, probably clean the outside (lots of greasy handprints, can't represent with a filthy truck) and vacuum the inside. Started packing the Action Packers last night. I need to collect all the spare parts and stuff into one or two boxes.

I did hit a major snag yesterday with recovery gear. I got one of Slee's jack tools thinking that it would work on the ARB front bumper. But the orientation of the tab w/ hole is apparently different than on 80s and stuff because it does not sit flat on the bumper. I was just testing my gear and I bent the little tab on the tool. :-( So for the time being I will have to plan on using the kludged together shackles unless hopefully someone locally has an genuine ARB bumper adapter in stock.

I tried to do this, but it does not fit quite the same:

So I need this:

Just 7 days to departure!
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