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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
So....getting down to the wire and menus need to be planned. Have we decided that "yes" we will do a group meal thang on Friday night? If so is there a theme? 7 of our 11 attendees have posted something relavant and Romer is mooching Norcals food but I really don't see a plan per sei.
Mooching NorCal or individual Wednesday at Buck Island, right? I'd be down for getting in on the NorCal dinner if that's an option.

So RS group options are Thursday and/or Firday dinner. What about a potluck theme night(s)? A couple of options that come to mind are chili night, Mexican food night, Italian night.

We are going to sit down and make up a shopping list Wednesday.

Right now I am planning on some larger than just us groups for Thursday and Friday breakfasts. If that's a RS size group or just a few extra people, makes no matter to me other than how much pancake mix and burrito stuff to bring.
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