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Default Engel Fridge Operation

Got it all mounted over the weekend and it's installed right now, keeping a 6 pack cold (what else?). BTW, if anyone wants to ride Apex tonight (5PM), you can help me verify that the Engel does in fact keep beer cold whilst out riding your bike... Hit me with a PM, but feel free to just show up, hard to miss my white truck.

Walked out at lunch, started cold this morning (I keep it plugged into the wall all the time at setting #1). Checked the voltage, the Yaesu said 12.2V and that is usually pretty accurate. I did not start the truck and it's been parked now for about 5.5 hours. I'm hoping that by go time, about 4PM, it's still above 12V. I forgot to check what the Yeasu measured before coming inside the building this morning.

Anyway, this all seem about right? I'm only running a single Red Top, which is a few months old, so I'm interested in seeing how it shake out. I'm figuring on running the truck probably once a day at Rubithon, hopefully 24 hours isn't too long to wait.
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