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Ok so based on the above, I'm going to leave at least one stove behind. I will still take two grills though, enough to cook 12-16 burgers simultaneously... and all my stuff runs off of those green gans so I'll pick up a few more of those as well, for the communal gas needs.

Looks like we have three group dinner opportunities, agreed?: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.. I vote we do potlucks for all three, with themes being "meatfest," "Mexican," and "Italian." We can do these on any night, based on how we feel.

Meatfest: your basic steak, burger, brat, hot dog, buns, Ruffles®, ranch dip, etc.

Mexican (South of the Boulder night): Convert's gumbo, queso, tortilla chips, salsa, guac, tacos, burritos, fajitas, flautas, tamales, chili...

Italian: Mama Corsair's special sauce, ravioli, noodles, bread, lasagna...

So if you guys are down with that, then prepare something for all three nights... and then if you go mooch off of Norcal just leave us your dish and we'll take care of cooking and eating it.
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