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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Oh, I thought cruisers had lots of torque and therefore a fair amount of driveline twist. My mistake.

But seriously, if they use the stock rubber mounts that would explain it. Bud uses those, right Dave?
Mine is rigid to the Tcase, then urethane mounts outboard where it attaches to the frame. Not just minimal twist, it immobilizes the driveline and therefore saves the motor mounts. Yet no vibration. FRORF is pretty innovative. Admittedly not as much bottom protection as a Budbuilt or IPOR, but the mini transfer case is extremely tough and just needs a glide plate.
I guess cruisers are a bit more delicate, the extra protection makes sense.


Bill, I have been very dissapointed with my budbuilt clearance. I have been looking at the FROR stuff, but have been very concerned with how the skid takes load in that set up.

Being that I am low, I take a LOT of very hard hits there. Do you think that set up is robust enough for that? To me, it looks like its meant for SAS guys who just need a very little protection when sliding over stuff, not coming down full force dropping off of ledges and the like.

Thanks, and sorry for the hijack UB. I wish I had a crossmember like yours, but then I'd have to buy a cruiser

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