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Good points Dave.

I have been giving a lot of thought to SASing.

I just like wheeling the IFS. Its challenging, even with 2 lockers and 2 transfercases. I still get hung up, and its fun to have to pick lines to get up stuff, rather than just point and shoot.

However, you have a good point, that wheeling IFS does have its limits, and its not like I'm proving anything by doing that.

I've been looking at running 3" of spring on a SAS, getting a hydro set up, cromo guts, and 33's or 35s. Problem is, thats expensive. Quite expensive. So, its tough to decide.

I think you're right about the transfercase taking too much abuse with the FROR set up. I'd rather get stuck and be able to slide off than stuck with a broken tranny/tcase.

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