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Default Maximizing FZJ80 supercharger performance

I have two 1997 80's that are almost identical mechanically but one has noticably more power than the other. Here are the specifics:

TLC 1:
115,000 miles
NGK plug wires
Factory intake
Magnaflow exhaust
4.10 gears

TLC 2:
185,300 miles
Factory plug wires
Safari snorkel
Spark plugs changed 9 months ago or so
Factory exhaust
4.10 gears
(this is the one I have listed for sale)

TLC 2 has noticably more power off the line and when passing. Could it be that I just need a tune up? Could the transmission have that effect with no other symptoms? O2 sensors? Compression has not been checked on either since I have owned them.

I meant to post this long ago but now it became more urgent just incase I need to compair anything on them before I sell TLC 2.

Seth Sauvageau
Rochester, MN
'97 40th Anniversary, OME 2.5" with 35's, ARB bumper & lockers, Warn M12, ICOM radio, CB, dual batteries, auxillary gas tank, etc and now a snorkel
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