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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben
How's the timing between the two? On my supercharged 80 3* of initial timing makes a HUGE differance! Right now I'm at near stock initial timing and running the stock charger pulley and have the rising rate regulator vacuume line pulled so I can run mid grade fuel because of rising gas prices....I can barely beat a 4.7 runner right now but the MPG is back up to 14-15ish.
Just bumping the timing up 3* and running premium will completely change the whole torque curve and bring it in sooner!
The snorkle could be helping too as cooler/denser air will carry atomized fuel in suspension much better!
I will have to check the timing. I have always run premium in both.
-How do I find that vacuum line and do I just disconnect and clamp it to improve milage? For now milage may be more important. Are there any negative effects to this besides less power?
-I have heard that different pulleys are hard on the engine.

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