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Originally Posted by Snorkel 1
I will have to check the timing. I have always run premium in both.
-How do I find that vacuum line and do I just disconnect and clamp it to improve milage? For now milage may be more important. Are there any negative effects to this besides less power?
-I have heard that different pulleys are hard on the engine.

I'm sorry seth, my post was misleading. I'm pretty sure you do not have a secondary rising rate fuel regulator, someone would have had to install it. I was refering to my application. The stock set ups are designed to be self supporting and do not require any special consumer input other than the normal belts, hose inspection and maintainance.
Are the superchargers on both engines identicle? TRD/Kazuma did make a couple changes in both the charger and hoses.
Increasing boost is not nessesarily harder on the engine but it can be a catalyst to more abuse depending on how much harder the driver pushes the engine. With addition of more boost you will need to be more interactive and knowledgable about the mechanics involved under the hood. In other words you are changing a hands off, factory like accessory, to a performance altering, hands on upgrade. If you don't know what your doing you will destroy your engine! The stock TRD Supercharger develops between 4 - 5+ lbs of boost depending on your altitude, humidity, intake air temperature and how free flowing the exhaust is. Each 1/10th of an inch smaller diameter charger pulley will yield roughly around 1 more pound of boost. More boost requires more fuel and also increases the need for better grade fuel as it narrows the detonation threashold of the engine.
If your following along so far and know what I'm talking about ask more questions and I'll get more specific.
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