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BTW, regarding spinning tires on wheels and thus requiring a rebalance...

I installed some auto balancers (Centramatic) on the Chili and they seem to work purty darn well. Not perfect, but I didn't expect perfect. They are a DURN sight better than lead weights though! Always reasonably smooth, just a little hop at 65-68 mph, most likely the tires themselves. Or sumthin'. Doesn't bother me.

I did have to sleeve my metric lugs with some shrink tube to make sure they centered (and they MUST be centered to work), not a huge deal. I also had to dish the rears when I went to rear disks, they worked fine with the stock drums.

The process of dishing the 'pizza plate' balancers also provided some endless mirth and delight for my wife, who threatened to take a movie and put it online. Good thing she is technologically challenged!
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