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Different engines. The Camry had a 1MZ-FE 3.0L V6 and the 4Runner has a 3VZ-FE 3.0L V6. His best option for a swap is the 3.4L 5VZ-FE, it's less work than trying to convert to the 1MZ. Not even sure the Camry engine will mate to the R150 or A430 that would have been in his 4Runner. If his 3VZ has made 220,000 miles then it probably doesn't have the problem headgaskets and IMO probably worth doing some minimal maintenance on it. But even I wouldn't spend a ton of money on the engine necessarily (yeah right, eh Bill?). But he could do a basic refurb of the engine pretty cheap, there's a thread or two on Yotatech about rebuilding a 3VZ using Engnbldr and NAPA parts. Should be significantly under $1000 for a pretty complete rebuild if he's mechanical. Whether or not that's cheaper than a 3.4L swap, probably a wash when you figure in getting a good engine and the swap harness and working through the gotchas. The 5VZ would fill the need for more HP and be the quickest swap, though.
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