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Default Rear locker "quagmire"...

So the fun begins....93 80 series, factory locked. Well the rear wouldn't engage. I have tried all the testing, driving in circles, 9 volt battery test that I could do without tearing into the actuator. Finally decided to saturday before the snow. Upon opening the cover...a light red silt started to pour out... grrr...once pulled about 2 cups of rust/silt dirt came out.

I'll admit I'm not the smartest man in the world, but I'm pretty sure rust/sand pouring from the actuator isn't some secrect "c-dan" magic OEM part number we don't know about.

So upon trying to get the whole assemble off, I managed to bust the two lower mounting tabs on the unit...'s now officially fooked. Only two bolts holding it in/snug.

So here are my options as I see it.

A. Purchase new actuator unit ~$600 from C-dan...ouch

B. Purchase Downey cable kit ~$130

C. Steal working actuator off of wifes 80 series ~$I don't even want to speculate that cost...

Any other options??? ARB is out because I could buy an actuator for the price of a locker. Thoughts?

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