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What I would do....."borrow" the wifes actuator untill you can source parts or rebuild yours. Also, Christo has some used locker parts and also might have insight on where to find what ya need. Good luck!

Originally Posted by FJBen
So the fun begins....93 80 series, factory locked. Well the rear wouldn't engage. I have tried all the testing, driving in circles, 9 volt battery test that I could do without tearing into the actuator. Finally decided to saturday before the snow. Upon opening the cover...a light red silt started to pour out... grrr...once pulled about 2 cups of rust/silt dirt came out.

I'll admit I'm not the smartest man in the world, but I'm pretty sure rust/sand pouring from the actuator isn't some secrect "c-dan" magic OEM part number we don't know about.

So upon trying to get the whole assemble off, I managed to bust the two lower mounting tabs on the unit...'s now officially fooked. Only two bolts holding it in/snug.

So here are my options as I see it.

A. Purchase new actuator unit ~$600 from C-dan...ouch

B. Purchase Downey cable kit ~$130

C. Steal working actuator off of wifes 80 series ~$I don't even want to speculate that cost...

Any other options??? ARB is out because I could buy an actuator for the price of a locker. Thoughts?
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