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Fuel Economy Notes:

1. I peaked out at 32 mpg during the summer of '04, but then that fall I was trying to replace my alternator belt. I couldn't see very well what I was doing, so I tried removing my MAF. I couldn't unplug the electrical connector, so tried disassembling it (thinking it would be easier? ). That didn't work, but when I put it back together I assembled it wrong which made a lot of bad things happen. Long story short, I had to get a MAF out of another truck. Apparently there are two different versions that are wired oppositely (i.e. the same electrical signal will either increase or decrease the air flow to the engine), and the version I have is very rare. I had to get it out of a '93 pickup (I think 4wd), and it works fine now. However, I think that was a partial cause of my fuel economy dropping. And it was a very expensive and time-consuming alternator belt replacement The other cause of my lower fuel economy is my increased tire size from the 27 x 8.50 R14. Once I switch back to stock sized tires I will refigure and get a better idea of where I sit.

2. After giving it a cat-back exhaust, which fixed holes in the pipe before, in, and after the muffler, my mileage is back up to 27mpg, from a low of around 21-22 this past winter ('07-'08).
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