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Existing problems/issues that need to be addressed:

It's nice not having a monthly car payment and having fairly cheap transportation (27 mpg ain't half bad for a pickup), so I'm okay with spending a few $$ here and there to keep it running.

1. New windshield
2. Headliner needs a little repair
3. Dashboard just developed cracks, though I've used a windshield reflector for years!
4. Rear seat belt holder got broken (plastic), should be repaired.
5. Topper liftgate struts need to be replaced.
6. Alternator is a piece of junk - NEVER BUY AN AUTOZONE ALTERNATOR UNLESS YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT OUT FOR A NEW ONE HALF A DOZEN TIMES! IF THE NEXT ALTERNATOR I GET FROM THAT PLACE (LIFETIME WARRANTY) IS JUNK LIKE THE LAST THREE, I'M GOING TO NAPA! My belt has been squealing and it can't keep up with my basic electrical requirements (headlights, heater fan, engine) at idle going to work in the dark in the wintertime! I replaced the belt along with the alternator and it still does it! EDIT: I went to NAPA and got the problem fixed. The NAPA alternator pulleys have a little bit rougher surface so they grab the belt better, whereas the Autozone pulley is very smooth. Funny how much of a difference that little detail makes. She runs happy now
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