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We had a great time as well. That's to Jeff for setting this up again. The kids had fun and therefore so did Dad. Our group consisted of built rigs and\or experienced drivers so the run went smoothly. The first obstacle has changed and slightly easier with a new bypass half way up near the tree. IMO everyone intent on taking the whole trail should take this obstacle since it isnít any tougher that any of the others mandatory obstacles. I had the kids watching from the sideline and took the middle rock slap line without issue.

The next little obstacle on the shelf road is usually a non issue. So I didnít pay attention to taking the correct line and I somehow got hung up on the front and rear and had to be strapped back off. Like Bill mentioned, the next switchback obstacle is opened up and I was able to just turn through it and go without having to back up. In the rock garden I picked a line through the middle and once I got up over the first rock I was able to clean the rest of it. That was fun.

I just took a few pictures of us in the rock garden since I was pretty busy with the kids with all their snacks requirements and needs. Sorry I missed saying farewell to everyone at the top. I took the kids into the wood to pee, came back and most everyone was gone. Mike, CJ and I took a left at the top and I found the quick way down to the service road past the tourist mine. Home by 3:30. It was a super Fathers Day indeed.
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