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On a side note. A few of my co-workers with jeeps asked me if I wanted to run Spring Creek with them Wed. night. So I said sure. It was Matt in his 79 CJ7 (open, 31” MTR’s) and Tony in his Rubi, with new 6 “ lift, with stock 31” MTR’s. Several other co-workers rode along with all of us. Tony didn’t have a spare because he had a blowout Sunday on Kelly Flats and was expecting his new wheels and tires to arrive any day. I gave him a hard time about doing a run without a spare on several occasions. But he went anyway.

We get to the first obstacle, I churped up the middle slab line again. Didn’t make it and had to back up a little and get a little run at it to get up. Tony in the Rubi tried the same line, his rear tires slid down into the holes. He punched it, did a several major wheel stands and got up. He was a little out of control and I thought he was going to flip it. He got lucky. Then the CJ7 dies at the bottom of the hill. After trouble shooting it for a while we concluded the fuel pump was out, even though he just replaced it. I went back to Colfax Ave. and came back with a new pump. We got it on, it fixed his problem and he easily did the bypass part of the obstacle and we continued on. It was dark by then.

I was planning to just take them up a little ways past the next shelf road obstacle. This is the one where I fell into the holes\rocks and got hung up on Sunday. This time I stayed up on the rocks with no issue. I spotted them up the same lines with no issues. Then just before the next switchback Tony hit’s some timbers on the uphill side of the road and has a sidewall blowout. We got it off the trail at the switchback to jack it up. But he doesn’t have a jack. I politely gave him a hard time again and got mine out. They got a spare out my other co-workers jeep back in town that night and went back up the next morning to retrieve his jeep. It was quite a quite exiting for trip for all these guys and I’m sure they all leaned a few lessons. I wasn't in the picture mood.
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