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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Sorry it took me so long to chime in, but I had a great time! Thanks Jeff for leading and to all for a great time!

Thanks for the pics!

You're welcome! It was pleasure having you along! You rig is very capable, and more importantly, you are an excellent driver and a great person to be around!

Scott, sorry to hear about your j**p friend's travails; experiences like that make us appreciate Rising Sun and TLCA all that much more, don't they? Not trying to be smug here, stuff happens to everyone. But when you are more prepared (once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout), things are often less of a hassle than they would be otherwise. I'm glad it worked out in the end.

Quick story: We did a Rising Sun run on Hackett Gulch the Friday after turkey day in 2001, shortly before the Hayman fire closed the trail. It was muddy, snowy, but it's good November trail because it is lower in elevation and isn't choked by snow in the winter.

Open/open on 31s, I made it up Hackett rock, only to pop a tire on the way up. Linda (this was her first 4 wheeling trip with me) was astounded that I didn't freak out, cuss and throw a fit. I turned to her calmly as I got out the jack and said "that's why we carry spares". The spare was on and the popped tyre was on the back before the rest of the group made it over the rock.

Happy cruisin'!
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