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Default FJ40 Disc Brake Conversion

After researching various sources for new front cylinders for my drum brakes and realizing that it would be about $300, I decided to move in the direction of getting disc brakes up front. Drum brakes work just fine and if it were not for my odd build date and front cylinder sourcing issues I would have stayed with the drum brakes. As I tally up the conversion costs, they will definitely exceed $300, but I am looking forward to getting my 40 back on the road and having the "upgraded" brakes.

I looked into a couple of front axles from late 70s FJ40s and a couple of front axles from mid-80's FJ60s. As things turned out Thursday evening, I picked up an 60 series axle that was just a mile from the house. Here is is after we unloaded it from the 100. These things are heavy.

We pulled it out of a weed patch and it is a little dirty, but so far the only issue I found is one of the hubs must have taken a real shot to have caused the dial to break like this.

Looks like for some time someone used pliers to lock and unlock. The tell-tale signs of scoring are real clear on the cleaned up dial. I'm on the look out for a new dial (or hub) so that I can make it good as new. If you have one or can point me in the right direction to find one, I would appreciate it.

Today I started to strip off the parts that I will need for the conversion. Everything from the knuckles on out will need to be removed. This includes the steering arms. By the end of today I managed to get this far along on the tear down.

Lest, you think I am the slowest wrench in the club (ok - I likely am the slowest) I've also been using the parts the washer to clean them up as they come off. The cleaning of the parts takes the most time on this job but it is quite nice to be able to just toss them in and go to town getting all the grime and grease off.

Even with a washer, the calipers and rotors could not be cleaned up enough to go back on. Even if they would clean up, I will be much more confident in new parts for these components. From that perspective, here is today's bounty in cores.

I'll continue to post updates on my progress and will likely need some help with aspects of this before it is all said and done. My wheel bearing packing party experience yielded big dividends today. I was very comfortable with all of the wrenching needed to get this far.
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