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Originally Posted by beatdown83fj60 View Post
Oh crap this is terrible news, I'm potentially picking up one of those rebuilt engines in Colorado Springs some time this week and this is definitely making me second guess the quality on those engines. I figured there was a reason they are only $1195 after you return your core. P.S. since it is a recently rebuilt engine is there any chance that maybe the rings just haven't completely seated yet? (forgive me if it's a dumb question but I'm not exactly an engine guru).
Not a dumb question at all, and definitely something to consider. In personal experience with factory rings and a nice, coarse honed cylinder wall, they don't take more than a hundred or three miles to seat well, certainly not thousands of miles. I have heard of chrome rings taking longer and not even seating ever, but I have no first hand experience with that.

If you are thinking of buying a short or long block and putting it in yourself, you may also consider buying (or picking up for free) a builder for cheap and kitting it yourself. It's time consuming, but rewarding and great learning experience. I now have around 14k on the F I built for my 71 a couple years ago and continue to drive it every day and wheel her on weekends.

I now have two 2F and one F builder in my garage on stands and am trying to decide who's next :-)

My F cost about $150 in rings and bearings; the gasket/seal kit I already had lying around and I didn't bother to do any machining. Figure on another couple hundred for each of those. I bought a rebuild gasket/seal kit for my daughter's 22RE and it was around the same ~$100 or so as an F/2F kit. Machining might run between a hundred to two hundred, don't know how much a 22RE head costs to get done. I did my own on my F, basically cleaned everything up real good and lapped the valves with paste. Last 2F head I had a shop do was around $200 but that included new valves and springs.
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