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Too late, I just got back with the engine a few minutes ago . They have a pretty decent warranty on it and use rock auto parts (same as engnbldr) and I need this truck immediately as it is my dd plus I have been borrowing a car for a bit and need to return it. The good news is (I guess) that I got ripped off on a used engine from somebody on TTORA so I have two cores, and I plan on keeping one and slowly building it myself to learn how to do it. I can do a good number of things to a vehicle but engine work was never something I've even had experience with. I just hope my engine doesn't have the oil consumption problem but I have spoken with several other people on CO4x4 that have gone through APR and haven't had any problems so I think this might be an isolated incident. I'm also currently on the hunt for a place that has the space for me to do that where I can still save some cash to buy a house. Money rules everything around me lol.
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