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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
are you using a knuckle centering tool to put the new knuckles on your 40 housing?
I've used the old races to put on the new ones while listening for the distinctive ping for when it fully seats. In a moment of weakness while writing the thought of doing it 4 times and then having to deal with another 12 rounds with the bfh on the studs brought out the wimp in me. I suppose I'll "Toyota man up" and get it done.

Regarding the knuckle centering tool, I've not tried to get access to one. In my research the prevailing consensus has been that I'll be close enough reusing the shims from the FJ60 provided I am very careful about putting each one in the same location and orientation as it came off. As an added measure, I will be using the inner axle seal from Marlin that has a reputation for providing a better seal in those cases where the centering may not be exactly perfect. Seems like a good idea now, of course I'll be saying "what was I thinking?" if next year I'm jumping back in there because the seal starts leaking.

This might make an interesting poll question, for others that have done the disc brake conversion - did you use a knuckle centering tool or re-use the shims as they came off?
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